Hamburg Walking Tour

Mayday at the Waterfront

After a night of heavy drinking, the dockworker Fiete finds himself in a predicament. Can you manage to free Fiete from his misery?

Walking Tour Hamburg - Mayday at the Waterfront

In Hamburg’s port, many generations of sailors and dockworkers have done their heavy work, sought happiness in distant lands, and drowned their sorrows in high-proof liquor. Last night, the dockworker Fiete seems to have had a particularly rough time. While taking a walk along the Elbe promenade, you hear his cry for help. His situation is tricky, can you save him?

The rally starts at the Elbe promenade and takes you through the HafenCity – a place whose origins date back to the Middle Ages and where the future of Hamburg is being built today. Along the way, you explore the numerous ports, canals, and bridges of the Speicherstadt, such as the impressive Sandtorhafen with a direct view of the Elbphilharmonie. But don’t forget to save Fiete!

The walking tour at a glance


Hamburg – HafenCity, Speicherstadt

Starting point

Elbpromenade, Höhe Stubbenhuk

End point

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Kornhaus Bridge, 20457 Hamburg


approx. 2,5 – 3 hours



approx. 4 km



exciting, informative


difficult (for locals and tourists)

Available languages


28 € (equals 7 € per person in case of 4 players)

A first look

These snapshots give you some idea of the places you are going to see during the walking tour.

Reviews for this walking tour

Players of the Walking Tour "Mayday at the Waterfront" in Hamburg

“We have been living in Hamburg for years and not far from the Speicherstadt. Nevertheless, the tour was super informative and we had a fantastic time. Thank you very much for that!”

– Svenja & Matthias

Players of the Walking Tour "Mayday at the Waterfront" in Hamburg

“Simply brilliant! Even as Hamburgers, you get to know Hamburg again! We can only recommend it!”

– Ivonne & Co.

Players of the Walking Tour "Mayday at the Waterfront" in Hamburg

“Even as Hamburgers, we discovered places that we didn’t know. It was really exciting and a lot of fun!”

– Wibke & Marcel

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