About us

ryddle – this is Verena, Martha, and Timo.

ryddle – this is Verena, Martha, and Timo. We got to know each other a few years ago at the University of Hamburg when we were all writing our doctoral thesis in marketing. The idea for our ryddle city tours was born in 2018 during a walk in the most beautiful city in the world – Hamburg. How can we make better use of the diverse possibilities of the digital age to get to know and enjoy a city, while we create a memorable experience? Using modern chatbot technology, without reservations or fixed tour times, we wanted to create an exciting city story on the smartphone at any time.

When our time together at the university had passed, we still kept in touch. By now, we run our startup independently of time and place and completely in line with our city rallye principle: digitally. Still, Hamburg remains the central anchoring point for ryddle. We try to get together in Hamburg as often as possible for a workshop day or to celebrate the next milestone.


If we could dream of something, we would like to become the leading platform for digital city tours sharing our technology and fun in solving tricky riddle games.


Explore the city in a new way – that’s our promise, our mission for both locals and tourists. Fun solving tricky riddles combined with an exciting story, interesting background information and modern technology.


We are thriving for our idea and product with, commitment, inspiration and courage. We are convinced that we will create many more ryddle city tours to offer an unforgettable city experience to our customers.