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Deadly Kiez

A young woman got killed last night. The local police asked for your help to hunt the killer down. Can you and your right hand Jürgen solve this case? 

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The Reeperbahn and its back alleys have always been the scene of violence, crime, and shady businesses. Last night, too. A young woman got killed. Since then, the neighborhood lives in anxiety and fear. Because of your reputation as the sharpest private detective in Northern Germany, the local police asked for your help to put an end to the horror. Supported by Jürgen, your contact at the local police station, you are close on the heels of the killer… Will you be able to hunt the killer down?

Your investigation will take you right across St. Pauli, Hamburg’s notorious nightlife and entertainment district. During your search for traces, you will pass many landmarks of the Kiez, such as the Davidwache, from where Jürgen supports you in your investigation, as well as the Große Freiheit, probably the most famous nightlife street in Germany.

The walking tour at a glance


Hamburg – St. Pauli

Starting point

Millerntorplatz 1

End point

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Reeperbahn 140, 20359 Hamburg


approx. 1,5 hours



approx. 2 km



mysterious, entertaining


easy (for locals) to moderate (for tourists)

Available languages

English, German


24 € (equals 6 € per person in case of four players)

A first look

These snapshots give you some idea of the places you are going to see during the walking tour.

Reviews for this walking tour

Foto von Spielern der Stadtrallye "Tödlicher Kiez"

“A well-rounded alternative to a guided city tour, combining culture and quiz fun. We’re already looking forward to the other walking tours!” 

– Franzi & Matze

Foto von Spielern der Stadtrallye "Tödlicher Kiez"

“Super exciting, informative and fun – a must, not only for Hamburg lovers! We are already looking forward to the next tour.”

Sandra & Adrian

Foto von Spielern der Stadtrallye Wien "Die Sage des doppelköpfigen Habsburger"

“We did the Kiez tour as a couple and had a lot of fun – it was exciting, funny and informative!”

Sinja & Moritz

The walking tour starts here:

Millerntorplatz 1

Millerntorplatz 1

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