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Return to the Future

You receive an anonymous call for help from the year 2301. Paul has lost his daughter Charlotte while traveling through time, back to the Berlin of the past. He desperately needs your help to find her again! Help reunite Paul and his daughter by solving some tricky riddles in Berlin’s historic center in order to close the location-time gap!
Walking Tour Berlin - Return to the Future

That’s brave! The adventurous Charlotte has jumped back into the past, all alone and without a license for the “Time Jumper” – a time machine of the future! Her father Paul knows about the risks of jumping into the past. You may find yourself in the midst of a war or other catastrophe within a blink of an eye.

But what’s even worse: Charlotte has unknowingly crossed the time barrier of the year 2200! This makes it impossible for her to jump back into the future, and Paul’s messages from the future cannot reach her anymore. Paul can’t travel through time without the Time Jumper, and Charlotte can’t get back to the future. What a mess!

You are the only person who can help bring father and daughter back together! This adventure will take you on a trip along many of Berlin’s impressive historical sights and buildings, the Spree river’s picturesque promenades, and the winding backyards and streets of Berlin-Mitte. You will also gain some unusual insights into the future…

The walking tour at a glance


Berlin – Mitte

Starting point

Neptune Fountain, Rathausstr. 1 (Winter time: Christmas market entrance at Karl-Liebknecht-Str.)

End point

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Memorial Rosenstraße (near the starting point)


approx. 2,5 hours



approx. 3,5 km


entertaining, informative


easy to moderate (for locals and tourists)

Available languages

English, German


28 € (equals 7 € per person in case of four players)

The author: Susanne Franzmeyer

The author: Susanne Franzmeyer

Susanne Franzmeyer, a Berlin native, writes and produces documentaries and fiction, especially for public broadcasting – and she often experiments in areas somewhere in between. She has received several awards for her work. This walking tour allowed her to let her creatively run free in various ways. The audiovisual design of the tour was supported by Andreas Genschmar (Paul) and Luzie Deter (Charlotte).

A first look

These snapshots give you some idea of the places you are going to see during the walking tour.

Reviews for this walking tour

Foto von Spieler:innen der Stadtrallye Berlin "Ab durch die Mitte"
“Great tour, also for us Berliners. We have rediscovered many of our favorite places.”

– Abby & Calle

Foto von Spieler:innen der Stadtrallye Berlin "Ab durch die Mitte"
“Very entertaining. You also learn interesting facts about the history of the city. We liked it very much and it took us to corners of the city that we would have otherwise skipped.”

– Anonymous tourist (Austria)

The walking tour starts here:

Neptunbrunnen, Rathausstr. 1

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