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Activities during lockdown: Leisure time with ryddle

Nov 24, 2020 | General

Acitivities during lockdown are rare: There are only few leisure activities that are still possible during the current Corona lockdown. Most of us spend most of their time at home and keep themselves busy there. But in order not to get cabin fever, everybody needs to go outside regularly. Shopping in the supermarket is already a highlight these days. Taking a walk is probably the most common leisure activity during lockdown.

In case your walks are getting dull these day, we have good news for you: Our walking tours can still be played during the current COVID-19 lockdown, as they are played outside only. Just consider the current regulations for activites during lockdown (number of persons, in certain areas maybe also a face mask – check the regulations for Hamburg). Then, there’s nothing getting in the way of experiencing an exciting walking tour as leisure activity! Last but not least: Especially in cold weather, don’t forget to bring gloves, a hat and maybe also a powerbank.