Free Fiete

Save dockworker Fiete from his misery and explore the Hafencity and the world heritage site Speicherstadt.

Logo "S.O.S. im Hafen" (Hamburg)

In the port of Hamburg, many generations of sailors and dockworkers have done their hard day’s work, seeking happiness in faraway lands and drowning their bad luck in high-proof liquor. Fiete, a dockworker, must have been hit particularly hard last night. During a walk along the Elbpromenade, you hear his cry for help. His situation is tricky, can you save him?

The adventure “Free Fiete” starts at the Elbpromenade and takes you right through HafenCity – a place whose origins date back to the Middle Ages and where Hamburg’s future is being built today. You will explore the numerous harbors, canals, and bridges of the Speicherstadt, such as the impressive Sandtorhafen with a direct view of the Elbphilarmonie. But don’t forget to save Fiete!

The walking tour at a glance


Hamburg HafenCity, Speicherstadt

Starting point

Elbpromenade, Höhe Stubbenhuk


approx. 2 – 2,5 hours



approx. 4 km



exciting, informative


tricky (for locals and tourists)

Available languages

English, German


24 € (equals 6 € per person in case of 4 players)

A first look

Hier findest du einige Eindrücke von dem, was dich auf dieser Stadtrallye erwartet.

What others say about this adventure

“Even we as Hamburg locals discovered new spots we hadn’t seen before. Really exciting, we had lots of fun!”

– Wibke & Marcel

“We’ve been living in Hamburg for years and even quite close to the Speicherstadt. Still, the walking tour was super insightful and very well-rounded. We had a fantastic time with Fiete. Super to be able to experience great adventures like these even in times of a Corona-Lockdown. Thanks a lot :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:


This adventure starts here:

Elbpromenade, Höhe Stubbenhuk

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