The Art of Love

Mikkels long-awaited date with Ida is at risk. His miticulous preparations to impress Ida with facts about Copenhagen’s finest artworks were ruined. Can you save their date?

Logo "The Art of Love" (Copenhagen)

Mikkel is on cloud nine: Art student Ida accepted his invitation to take a walk together! He does not want to leave anything to chance – but due to an unfortunate incident, the notes on historic buildings and impressive artworks in Copenhagen his friend Ole had prepared thoroughly are half gone. Ida is already on her way and Mikkel is facing an unpleasant embarrassment – only determined action can save their date!

Your mission in the name of love starts at Christiansborg palace, the former home of the royal family and today’s seat of the Danish parliament. From there, the walking tour leads you through parts of Copenhagen’s historic medieval inner-city, passing the most remarkable sights in Copenhagen: The canal Nyhavn, lined by cute colorful houses, Amalienborg palace, the Little Mermaid and much more.

The walking tour at a glance


Copenhagen – Indre By (Inner City)

Starting Point

Christiansborg Ridebane


approx. 2  2,5 hours



approx. 4 km



historic, informative


easy (for locals) to moderate (for tourists)

Available languages

Englisch, German


24 €  (equals 6 € per person in case of four players)

A first look

These snapshots give you some idea of the places you are going to see during the walking tour.

The walking tour starts here:

Christiansborg Ridebane

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